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Reusable UHF GEN2 Wristband reach up to 2-5meter (GYRFID)

Reusable UHF GEN2 Wristband reach up to 2-5meter (GYRFID)
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WRS06 is specially designed for UHF system, there is a layer of small cylinder to increase the thickness, so that it is still working when people wear it.
RFID wristband is the extension products of normal ISO card, which is designed for easy carrying by person in swimming pool, construction place, pub, hospital etc. It combines the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings, completely water-proof.

Model number: WRS06
Material: Silicon
Dimension: widest is 2.0mm, height 0.6mm, adjustable band 260mm in length
Color options: Red / Yellow/ blue/ black / white
Water Proof: yes
Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +55C
Storage Temperature: -25C ~ +60C

Standard: ISO18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen2 Standard
Operating frequency: 860-960Mhz
Inlay: ALIEN 9640
Memory: >=96bits
Operating distance: 2-5meter

Personalization Support:
Silk-screen printing with logo/ engrave logo/ color filling / Chip encoding

Access control / Swimming pool /Pub, even management / Construction site

GYRFID is a leading supplier of smart cards and RFID tags products for global System Integrators and distributors. It offers a wide range of products embedded with contact chip and contactless chip (LF, HF, UHF), which encapsulated into variety shapes like ISO Card, keyfobs, wristband, disc tag, laundry tag. The products are widely applied in access control, payment system, inventory control, asset tracking, industrial managements. GYRFID also welcome OEM service and personalization to create value for the sponsors
- Reusable UHF GEN2 Wristband reach up to 2-5meter (GYRFID)

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