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delphi pump head 7123 909t for perkins

delphi pump head 7123 909t for perkins
20 USD
Produs oferit de: China-Lutong Parts Plant
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Delphi Pump Head 7123-909T for Perkins
Model NO.: 7123-909T
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Fuel Saver Type: Use Water as Raw Material
Weight: 2.2kg
Warranty: 6 Months
Transport Package: Standard Packing, Other Packing as Request
Origin: China
Car Make: Perkins
Body Material: Steel
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Carburettor Type: Downdraft
Carton: 18PC
Trademark: Lutong
Specification: Standard
HS Code: 84129090
7123-909t Head Rotor 6/9L for Cabezal Pk 6.354 F2, Delphi Cav Rotor Head
As following is data for head rotor (Cylinder rotor).
Raw material: Cr12MOV
Processing Technique: Vacuumhardening
Rigidity: HRC62-65
Guarantee time: 180 days

Product Name Type NO. Serial Number Stamping NO.
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123/340U 7123/340U
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123-340R 7123-340R
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7123-340S 7123-340S
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-345U 7123/345U
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-909T 7123-909T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7123-909U 7123-909U
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7139-130T 7139-130T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7139-360U 7139/360U
HEAD ROTOR 3CYL 7139-764S 7139-764S
HEAD ROTOR 3CYL 7139-764T 7139-764T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-571T 7180-571T
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-678S 7180-678S
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-687S 7180-687S
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550k 7180-550k
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550R 7180-550R
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550S 7180-550S
HEAD ROTOR 4CYL 7180-550U 7180-550U
HEAD ROTOR 6CYL 7180-559U 7180-559U

If you need those parts, welcome to contact with me.
NO. Product Code Specification Type Shoes Solenoid
1 7123-340R 4/8.5L DPA 2 No
2 7123-340S 4/8.5R DPA 2 No
3 7123-340T 4/9L DPA 2 No
4 7123-340U 4/9R DPA 2 No
5 7123-340W 4/9.5R DPA 2 No
6 7123-345U 6/9R DPA 2 No
7 7123-909T 6/9L DPA 2 No
8 7139-130T 4/9L DPA 2 No
9 7139-235G 3/8R DPA 2 No
10 7139-360U 6/9R DPA 2 No
11 7139-709W 3/9.5R DPA 2 No
12 7139-764S 3/8.5R DPA 2 No
13 7139-764T 3/9L DPA 2 No
14 7139-92Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
15 7180-572Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
16 91Y 6/10R DPA 2 No
17 908V 6/9.5L DPA 2 No
18 7180-600L 4/7R DPA 4 No
19 7180-650S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes
20 7180-647U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes
21 7180-611W 3/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
22 7180-613W 3/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
23 7180-655L 6/7R DPA 4 Yes
24 7180-668W 4/9.5R DPA 2 Yes
25 7180-819U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes
26 7180-965L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes
27 7180-977S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes
28 7183-125L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes
29 7183-156L 6/7R DPS 4 Yes
30 7183-165L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes
31 7183-129K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes - delphi pump head 7123 909t for perkins

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