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  • Jud: Sibiu, Loc: Mediaş , Str: Slefuitorilor 27, Cod: 551137, Romania

TAI is a company serving the oil & gas industry as well as the small to medium power plants sector
Our offer includes:

â?¢ Production of complete standardized or custom specification Filtering-Regulating and Measuring Stations for natural gas, oil and other fluids (SKD, Turnkey, or parts of stations);
â?¢ Turbine, positive displacement, radar, vortex, coriolis and ultrasonic gas meters;
â?¢ Shut of and release valves; natural gas and fluids pressure regulators, back pressure valves, etc
â?¢ Gas direct acting and pilot operated regulators;
â?¢ Production of natural gas separating, filtering and preheating equipment;
â?¢ Turnkey projects for loading terminals (railway as well as tank truck)
â?¢ TEG natural gas dehydration plants
â?¢ Registration, monitoring and optimization of natural gas consumption;
â?¢ Gas analyzers and chromatographs, electronic volume correctors;
â?¢ Flow computers, data loggers, loading PLC
â?¢ Equipment and custom specification lines for regulating, measurement and control of technological lines, and burners, as well as special applications;
â?¢ CHP applications based on diesel, micro turbines and ORC equipments
â?¢ Design of gas regulating & measuring stations for oil & gas, railway and tank truck loading terminal for oil products
â?¢ Technical documentation for the stations and equipment made on custom request;
â?¢ Installation on site of the stations and equipment, full technical support, service, spare parts, training
â?¢ Construction, repair or revamping of tank trucks, tank trucks metering, loading & unloading systems
â?¢ Engineering and production of tanks, under pressure vessels
â?¢ Engineering and production of metallic construction.

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